Each Reel has a specific number of symbols; the more of the same symbol on the reels, the lower the payout for that symbol. As a result, the chances of connecting a winning combination are increased.

Let’s use the Liberty Bell as an example once more, but change the number of symbols slightly this time. As you may recall, Liberty Bell is a three-reel slot machine.

Our slot machine has been streamlined.

Only four distinct symbols will be used in this example: one Bell, two horseshoes, three diamonds, and four hearts per Reel. With the paytable below, we have 1,000 potential combinations and an RTP (return to player) of 83.2 per cent.

So, what exactly is the Random Number Generator, and how does it work?

The Random number generator comprises 1 and 0 numbers that are calculated using complex methods. The combination of 1 and 0 determines which symbols appear on the game screen and in what order. As a result, slot machines aren’t completely random because algorithms determine the winning number. Because the algorithms are so advanced, there is no way of knowing whether the next spin will be a winner or a loser. On a philosophical level, it’s always possible to claim that nothing is ever completely random!

How is the payment determined?

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